why do dogs love paper towels in 2024


If you are a dog owner and you have probably experienced your dog grabbing a roll of cotton towels and chewing on torn pieces of paper towels. This strange behavior can be both interesting and surprising.

why do dogs loves paper towels

So, why do dogs love paper towels? To understand this curiosity, it is important to explore the nature of a dog’s natural instincts, sensory experiences and playfulness that often lead them to seemingly random objects. This article looks at the reasons behind this common but surprising dog behavior.

Why do Dogs Love Paper Towels: 10 Reasons

When it comes to dog habits, many things can seem confusing. One of them is their apparent love of paper towels. Let us examine “why do dogs love paper towels?”:

1.Texture and crunch:

 The main texture and crunch sound of paper towels can be one of the best reasons of why do dogs love paper towels? Dogs are usually drawn to things that make noises when chewed and providing them with a satisfying sensory experience.

2.Imitating natural instincts:

 Dogs have a natural instinct to tear and chew things. Paper towels gives them with a safe method to engage in these activities and similar to tearing down prey in the wild.

3.Presence of odours:

 Paper towels are usually used to clean up spills and wipe surfaces which means they can carry a different odours. This is why do dogs love paper towels so much because they smell and understand new scents.

4.Attention-seeking behavior:

 If a dog sees its owner repeatedly using paper towels, it may associate it with attention-seeking. This allows them to find paper towels to interact with their human.

5.Curiosity and exploration: 

Dogs are naturally curious animals. Even the simple act of pulling or tearing a paper towel can be exciting and engaging for them, which is why do dogs love paper towels through exploration.

6.Mouthing and Teething:

 Babies in particular have a strong need to chew things during teething. Paper towels can provide them with something soft but satisfying, which is another reason why do dogs love paper towels.

 7.Learned Attitude:

If a dog sees another dog playing with a paper towel, it may adopt the same behavior. This learned pattern may explain why some dogs prefer paper towels.

8.Harmful behavior:

Dogs that are bored or have pent-up energy may use paper towels to cause damage. Tearing them up can be an enjoyable way to release energy, which explains why do dogs love paper towels in some cases.


Paper towels used in the kitchen can have food marks on them, making them attractive to dogs. Leftovers are another reason why do dogs love paper towels, due to their natural foraging instincts.

10.Playfulness and Fun:

Finally, dogs may just find it fun to play with paper towels. Whether tossing them around or tearing them up, this activity can be enjoyable, which is another reason why do dogs love paper towels.

why dogs loves paper towels

10 Benefits of dogs loves paper towels:

Knowing why do dogs love paper towels? can help us to manage their antics while keeping them happy and safe. Lets take a look at the top 10 reasons why paper towels are interesting to our canine companions.

1.Texture and chewiness:

Dogs love the texture of paper towels which are fun to chew on. Their squeaky sound and soft feel can be stimulating and making paper towels a favorite among children and adult dogs who require to chew.

2.Interactive play opportunities:

Dogs are naturally curious and playful. The flexibility of paper towels allows them to be shaped, torn or squashed and providing endless play opportunities. This can be particularly attractive to high energy dogs.

3.Impersonation of the victim:

The movement and noise of paper towels can mimic small prey. This activates a dog’s hunting instincts, making it a fun and exciting “target” for them to tear up and break.

4.Fragrance and smell:

Paper towels often have the scent of cleaning products or food residue, which attracts a dog’s strong appetite. This sensory stimulation can make paper towels a source of curiosity and excitement.

5.Stress relief and relaxation:

Chewing is a very natural stress reliever for dogs. Wringing and wringing paper towels can provide comfort and relieve anxiety and particularly in stressful condition and during separation.

why dogs always loves paper towels

6.Paper towels as a source of mental stimulation:

Paper towels for dogs provide a form of entertainment which keeps the mind more active. When dogs sniff, tear and play with paper towels and they engage in a type of mental stimulation which can help to avoid boredom and related behavioral issues.

7.Cheap and easily available:

Paper towels are a common household item, making them readily available for dogs. This convenience can lead to more frequent interactions with them, which further strengthens their attraction to paper towels.

8.Safe way to extract energy:

High-energy dogs in particular need an outlet to release their physical energy. Paper towels provide a safe and biodegradable way to deal with the destructive nature of household products without causing an important damage.

9.Reward and Positive Reinforcement:

Some dogs associate paper towels with positive reinforcement. If they get attention or treats for fetching or playing with paper towels, this positive response can further increase their attraction.

10.Social Interaction and Relationship:

Playing with paper towels can be a social activity that strengthens the bond between dogs and their owners. This shared playtime can strengthen the bond between human and dog, making paper towels a companion and a source of affection.

why does dogs love paper towels


There could be a combination of reasons ‘why do dogs love paper towels’ including sensory stimulation, the nature of play and the texture of the paper.

Dogs may like the smell, the rustling sound of the food or cleaning item or find the texture fun to chew on. Understanding these causes can help dog owners manage this behavior and keep their pets safe.


why do dogs love paper towels

Dogs usually find paper towels intriguing due to enjoy shredding soft, pliable materials which mimic the texture of their toys. paper towels might carry interesting scents which attract their curiosity and playfulness.

Why do dogs like paper towels?

Dogs usually enjoy the texture and crinkling sound of paper towels which can be fun to chew and tear. the scent of food and human activity on paper towels may attract them.

Why is my dog chewing paper towels randomly?

Your dog might be chewing paper towels out of boredom, anxiety or a desire to find and play with new textures. It could also shows a behavioral problem and a sign of nutritional deficiencies.

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