Difference in face towel vs hand towel in 2024

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Introduction: Face towel vs hand towel (clear differences)

In the world of personal hygiene and daily life the choice between face towel vs hand towel might looked trivial at first glance. here we goes a little deeper and you will most important differences between these two towels.

 The comparison of ‘face towel vs hand towel‘ is not only about their designated purposes but also about their main and important properties, functions and the impact on our body parts and overall hygiene practices.

face towel vs hand towel

we will find the similarities, differences and considerations around the use of face towels and hand towels.

what is Face towel?

Face towels are used for face washing, remove dirt, applying skincare items or simply refreshing the skin.

 because of their small size, they are easily use for cleaning and can fit into a bathroom.

what is hand towel?

 hand towels are usually larger and thicker than face towel and absorb more water. they are made for hands drying after freshly washing hand. but they can also be used for drying the face.

Benefits of hand towel:

  1. Hand towels can be used for a long time if cleaned regularly, following the conditions on the label.
  2. by using a hand towel is much more nature friendly than using disposable paper towels as it minimize waste.
  3. Finally, hand towels provide a warm and stylish touch to homes with different colors and patterns. Turkish towel company MTC Linen’s rich color options are the best choice for those who do not want to compromise on quality and elegance.
difference in face towel vs a
hand towel

Benefits of face towel:

  1. Face towels are the second most used in homes after bathroom towels, as it helps people maintain hygiene and ease the skincare routine.
  2. Dermatologists also use face towels to wipe the products without irritating the skin.
  3. Using a face towel is crucial for skin health in preventing the spread of germs or bacteria as it is a personal item.

Nine difference between Face towel vs hand towel:

1. size comparison:

Face Towel: 

Face towels are smaller and thinner than hand towels. They are designed to be easily use and occupy less space to clean the face. usually face towel measure in size from 12 inches × 12 inches to 16 inches × 16 inches, which provides surface area for face cleaning.

Hand Towel:

hand towels are slightly larger than face towels. They can be used for multiple purposes such as for drying of hands after washing or for general use in the bathroom. Hand towels usually ranges from 16 inches × 28 inches to 18 inches × 30 inches, providing more space for drying hands.

2. Material:

Face Towel:

face towels are usually designed from softer and more delicate products because of soft face skin. Common materials used for face towels design include cotton and microfiber.

These items are selected because of their softness, absorbency which making them perfect for a daily face care.

size difference between face towel vs hand towel

Hand Towel: 

Hand towels are commonly made from different products like cotton and microfiber. hand towels can be made for more absorbency and durability and faster drying the hands than face towels. They are usually made of thicker thread to increase absorbency and use again and again.

3. Size and Measurement:

Face towel : 

face usually smaller than hand towels and designed to care for soft facial skin. Its measurements confirm that it can be softly cleaned and tapped and not cause any irritation.

Hand Towel:

hand towels are usually large in size than face towels which provides enough space for dry hands perfectly. Its size provides more absorption and drying hand quickly.

4. Fabric and Texture:

Face Towel: 

face towels commonly made of soft fabrics like cotton and microfibers. the face towels are soft and delicate which provides soft touch to face skin which help in removing dirt and oils from face and provide comfort.

Hand Towel:

 Hand towels usually have a strong texture to perfectly absorb more moisture from hands than face towels. hand towels are Made from soft and delicate materials such as terry cloth, it provide reliable performance in drying wet hands quickly.

5. Hygiene Consideration:(face towel vs hand towel)

Face towel:

Since skin of face can be prone to breakouts or irritation, it is important to change your face towel repeatedly and frequently in every few days.

Hand towel:

Hand towels are large in size and thickness so it is used far more often than face towels, making them more likely to accumulate bacteria and dirt.

face towel and hand towel in 2024

6. Management of Absorption and Moisture:

Facial Towel: 

Facial towel has enough absorbency property for cleaning the face, its main function is to softly remove dirt and moisture from face without causing irritation on face skin.

Hand Towel: 

hand towels made for high absorbency of water. hand towels perfectly absorbing water from freshly washed hands. the nature of their absorbency help in complete drying and promoting cleanliness and comfort.

7. Special Use:

Facial Towel:

face towel is specifically use for clean the face from dirt and oils. the facial towel is important for cleaning and applying skin care products with accuracy. The small size of facial towel allows for specific treatment to specific areas of the face.

Hand Towel:

 Hand towels are usually for different purposes such as drying hands, cleaning dirt and surfaces and providing temporary protection to hands.

8. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Face Towel:

 face towels need more washing to prevent the bacterial accumulation and growth and dirt because face towels directly contact with facial skin. Regular washing at high temperature confirm cleaning.

Hand Towel: 

Due to hands being exposed to moisture and repeated use, wash hand towels regularly to maintain cleanliness and prevent the growth of microbes.

9. Durability:

Face towel:

Facial towels usually made for facial use. they are made from microfibers and cotton that are provide soft touch on the skin. These towels are usually thinner than hand towels and more delicate and soft.

face towels provide a soft and delicate feel to skin, their delicate nature can affect their durability for long time especially with regular washing. Face towels need to be handled with care during washing to prevent damaging the fibers and maintain their softness.

hand towel:

Hand towels are usually thicker and large size than face towels. They are designed to use regularly in high use areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

face and hand towel

10.When to Use Each: Face Towel vs Hand Towel:

 Face Towel:

a. Facial Cleaning:

 face towel is particularly use for delicate and soft face. the soft texture and small size of face towel are perfect for removing makeup, dirt and oil without causing any irritation.

b. Skincare Routine:

 Whether you are applying a toner or applying a facial mask, a face mask is your go to tool. Its absorbency helps distribute skincare items evenly and confirm thorough cleaning.

c. Sensitive Skin:

 If you have sensitive face skin, select a soft cleanser to reduce friction and prevent breakouts. A soft touch of the towel can help maintain the skin natural balance.

Hand towel:

a. Hand Drying:

hand towels are specifically used for drying hands after freshly washing hand. The large size of hand towels provides enough surface area for absorption of more water.

b. Kitchen Use: 

Keep a hand towel in the kitchen to clean hands while cooking or drying dishes. Their absorbency makes them effective at cleaning up spills and messes.

c. Guest Bathrooms:

 When stocking your guest bathroom, select the right size for their frequency of use. Guests can also use them to dry their hands.


In the ‘face towel vs hand towel discussion’ it is clear that both are made for various purposes and have different benefits. Face towels are small and soft which is suitable for sensitive skin of face and cleaning.

Hand towels, are larger and thicker than face towels. hand towels are made of more absorbent material like cotton and microfibers which are better for drying hands.

When it comes to cleaning and skin care. selecting between face towel vs hand towel should be a matter of needs. face towels are particularly important for sensitive face skin and for precise cleaning because of soft texture and small size.

Finally both types of towels play a significant role in sustaining cleanliness and hygiene in our daily routine. Be it the freshness of a face towel after a tiring day or the convenience of a hand towel by the sink, each one is special for their functions and purpose.


What is the difference between face towel vs hand towel?

Towel is a general term and covering all sizes. A hand towel is larger than face towel, both are special type of towels made for specific function.

Is a hand towel a big or face towel?

Hand towel is usually large in size than face towel. face towel size is about 12 inches × 12 inches to 16 inches × 16 inches and hand towel size is about 16 inches × 28 inches to 18 inches × 30 inches.

What is face towel for?

Face towel is specifically use for face drying and made of cotton and microfiber.

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